splendor beauty spa in san ramon

splendor beauty spa in san ramon

Luke H.
San Ramon, CA
I've been coming here for years. I've only had the foot reflexology massages. Which are great!
Foot reflexology includes head, shoulders, hands, back and of course feet! Highly recommend it!

Colette C.
San Jose, CA
Unlike most Chinese foot reflexology/massage places, this establishment is actually quiet! It is so so so so so worth $25.00/hour vs $20.00/hour (in the South Bay). Ask for Henry! He's is really good with reading body cues when pressure is too heavy! ***Thanks, Henry!***

Darren F.
Tracy, CA
Wow, ok just wow! My wife and I just completed a Spartan and came in the next day for a couples massage. The atmosphere is dark, calm and cool. I can honestly say we were both blown away as this was one of the best massage I have ever had (and I have had lots over the years). Lisa and Tony took care of us and the quality of pressure point and Swedish styles left us without want.
We will be back and my advice to those who train, do Spartan's or otherwise want a lovely experience without pomp and fancy frills... Go to Splendor!!!

Sunshine B.
San Ramon, CA
Splendor is an oasis of calm and healing, and the most affordable in town. I've had several massages and 4 reflexology sessions. With my injuries I was initially concerned but as long as as you communicate your needs with the front desk person who can translAte to the therapist(s) who may not speak English as well as her, you'll be in good hands. Just go try a reflexology treatment, it's very relaxing!

Deb P.
San Ramon, CA
Foot reflexology with Peter........who knew?????? Peter has helped these feet so much! I would not hesitate to trust these guys for any service they offer... I never knew the foot massage could be so amazing.. Today was my third visit in 3 weeks due to standing in heels for too long... Im up to the 90 minute treatment. Lol. If they offered a 180 minute foot massage I would sign up. ( poor Peter). Ha. Thank you for taking such great care of me. I'm so grateful

A T.
Dublin, CA
They do a really great job with relaxation. I had the 60 min body massage done with the 30 minute foot massage. It was wonderful, everyone deserves to pamper themselves every once in a while. This place is inexpensive also, they always have great deals going on. They even offer acupuncture! Which I will try next time!

Gloria S.
San Francisco, CA
Whenever I go to Splendor, I come out feeling relaxed and happy. Frank is amazing! Unlike other massage places, you can usually call last minute and get an appointment. I would recommend Splendor!

Millie M.
Tracy, CA
I received a gift certificate a few ago. Been the best massage ever! Love this place !

Craig P.
San Ramon, CA
I have been going to Splendor for over a year and have always received good and friendly service which is why I still continually go there.

Paul C.
Livermore, CA
Lisa was AMAZING! Deep tissue massage and hot stone combined. 90 minutes for only 60 dollars. Booked my next appt before I left 🙂

Latha S.
San Jose, CA
Reliable high quality service. Very easy to make an appointment and you and in and out very quickly. The focus for Splendor is to provide a great service without any distractions!

Chris Chanel F.
San Ramon, CA
This is my favorite place To go to! They usually have the same day appointments which makes it very easy to fit around my busy schedule. I've been seeing Lisa their newest massage therapist and told my daughter about so she requested her last visit and my daughter love her. Lisa is definitely my favorite ! Thank you Lisa !

Sabine F.
Hayward, CA
I absolutely love this place. The massages either foot or the regular ones are just amazing and they customize them really well. The therapists always know how to treat your back and feel issues right away. I would absolutely recommend it and I have taken many of my friends there as well and they all loved it!

Catie H.
San Ramon, CA
I have to say I'm very surprised to hear all the bad review on here. I have been here several times and have never had anything but a great experience! First of all you can't beat the price and they do a great job. You aren't going to the Claremont to get a massage. So as long as you know that your fine. I have had many different people massage me and not one of them was bad! I love the place. My husband loves it as well!

Lilia C.
Pleasanton, CA
It's been awhile, but how good is a comeback? Divine! On September 14th, one of my Besties (Ai) took me to get a foot massage for my 40th birthday. We walked into the establishment (inside a business complex) and I read the business name, Splendor. Hmmm....I've heard of this place before but where? Now, I know I am getting older, but how could I forget?
Back in 2010, my Sweets took me to Splendor for a couples massage. You can read my original review. I didn't recognize Splendor because in 2010, the business was located in a shopping center; I am BAD with names.
So Ai and I walked into the new local and we were ushered to the back room from the small lobby. As we entered the dimly lit room, I noticed about 6 or 7 sofa chairs in the room; this was a bigger lobby for foot massages. A couple of people were being quietly tended to by therapists. Ai and I were sat separately but side by side. While we waited for our therapists, I noticed that there were separate rooms for private massages. Kelly, walked up with a bucket of warm water for my feet to soak in for about 10 minutes. I was super excited because I have never had a foot reflexology massage and I didn't know if I could keep myself from laughing (I'm ticklish). It's been 4 days, but I am still in awe of how great I felt after my "foot" massage! After she lowered my chair back, she began with my face, then my scalp, my feet, my legs, my arms, my lower and upper back. Wait, wasn't this a foot massage? Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...You are amazing! She applied just enough pressure and hit all the right places. I know Ai enjoyed her massage too, because I could hear her moaning (as in "good job Stella)! After our one hour foot reflexology massages, Ai and I sat up and looked at each other with faces that read, "Did that just happen?"
Needless to say, I had a great experience at Splendor and I will be coming back. I have already told my Sweets and teens that I will bring them back with me.
Foot Reflexology (1hour)=$25!!!! 🙂
Noise level: very low

Christina V.
Claremont, CA
I just went to this place today, and I feel like a brand new women!! I have a job that requires me to be on my feet a lot, and when I woke up this morning I really needed to get a massage. I found this place on yelp and I am so glad I did. Frank did an amazing job... I will be booking frank again within two weeks 🙂
Everything is clean
Ambiance is nice
Good customer service
Good location
Amazing massage
Amazing prices!!
I couldn't hear the relaxing music too well. It was too quiet. Some of the people would talk load once in awhile throughout my message. Honestly the cons are not that bad, and I understand it is a small place so there is bound to be some noise. I get it. Also the price is so good I honestly don't even care. All I care about is that I feel better, and that I am not in pain anymore. I ended up getting a 75 minute massage for 30 dollars! Pretty awesome! I will be back very soon... possibly dragging my boyfriend along with me!

Anna L.
Los Angeles, CA
My mother in law recommended this place and I had the best experience!!! I got the 60 min reflexology massage. Now, this was not your typical massage, so I'm not comparing this to a full body massage at a spa somewhere else. It was in a larger room, with multiple massage chairs and therefore wasn't as quiet or private. You wear clothes, and they focus arms, legs, feet, head and back. This is not a super luxury place, but I thought it was incredibly good value for money and I definitely would return and recommend it to others. If your picky, or particular, and need a perfect massage experience in order to enjoy yourself, this may not be the place for you. But if you are looking for an easy, affordable, relaxing experience and can overlook the occasional idiosyncrasy (cell phone ringing, people walking through the room occasionally) this is the perfect spot!

Cheryl V.
Alamo, CA
I have had a lot of massages over the years, I now tell everyone I know that these guys are the best. The value they offer beats other more expensive spas hands down. I have enjoyed Splendor Medical Spa's services twice now and both times, the experience has been amazing. Mimi gave me THE BEST full massage I have ever had. I came in with my sciatica bothering me, unsure if I could lay on my back well enough to get the facial and reflexology. Within a few minutes, I was just fine. Joey (Joie), sorry not sure which for sure, did a great job on my facial as well. The only downside is the communication. I did have some trouble understanding what was said, but the simple fact of the matter was that they knew what they were doing and I really didn't need to have an extensive conversation about things. The hole-in-the-wall nature of the place may put off the wary, but at it's heart Splendor Medical Spa offers fantastic services at very reasonable prices. I love, love, love this place.

Lora M.
Castro Valley, CA
Hear ye! Hear ye!
There is an awesome very affordable Spa in San Ramon that only costs $25 for 60-minute foot reflexology with head and back massage! If you want 70 minutes, just add $5! They also offer other really cheap treatment/service.
Holy Molly! I have found another happiness!
This will be my relaxing spot! So affordable, masseuses are very professional and the place is quiet and relaxing!
Try to tip 50% because they're really good and cheap for an excellent service!
Thanks to my friend, Nick who has been bugging me to try this place out.

H M.
San Ramon, CA
Came in for a foot massage and got much more for just $25. Andy was amazing!!!! The foot reflexology I received included much more and was seriously much better then my $150+ massage I received a month ago at Burke Williams. If you want an awesome massage ask for Andy he knows what a runner like me needs.

Angie C.
San Ramon, CA
I love Splendor!! If you want a no frills but deeply soothing massage, this is the place to go. They are open every day of the week and it is very easy to get a same day appointment. I enjoy deep tissue and medical massages and I have had Frank and Henry, who are both wonderful. I am looking forward to trying acupuncture here. Also I highly recommend the foot reflexology as it is very relaxing. They also have wonderfully affordable specials which makes it easy to come often.

Jen W.
Fulton, CA
I've been looking for a new massage place for a while now. After trying a couple places in Pleasanton, San Ramon, and Dublin I found Splendor. I'm very pleased with the service. The lady at the register greeted you and then asked "How was your massage?" afterwards. It's a very relaxing environment compared to other places I've tried. The massage was relaxing with just enough "discomfort" to work out the knots. Don't be afraid to let them know if the pressure is too much. Affordable, helpful for my sore muscles and friendly, that's what I've been looking for! I'll go back. Download the app, I made a same-day appt with it and got right in!

Christy P.
San Ramon, CA
I absolutely LOVE this place!!! I was desperately looking for a quality massage that was not too expensive and stubled upon Splendor through yelp. I didn't have any high expectations I really just wanted a quality massage. My first vist there I had a severe back issue that I really needed worked out. I was in so much pain I couldn't sit comfortably at work. I made an appointment with Frank and got the medical massage. I let him know EXACTLY where my pain was and he worked it hard. Pretty much the best medical massage I have ever received. As soon as I left I started to feel better and the next day I was completely pain free!
My second visit I took my boyfriend and we had Ken and Tom. This time it was all about relaxation. The entire staff is very professional and the place is clean. Its not a fancy spa so know that you're going there to get stress or pain relief. My massage experience the second time was JUST as great as the first and my boyfriend who is normally 'shy' about massages was SO relaxed that the poor massage therapist was not able to wake him up! I had to go into the room to wake him up. Thats when you know it was good! haha!
100% Love this place!